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Equal time? "Why do Liberals..?"

Posted 5/31/2012 at 7:58:29 PM

have such a viscious reaction to the most innocous things?  

Why do liberals insist on avoiding direct answers and, instead employ a variety of fallacious techniques to justify their non-responce (homonym attack, strawman argument, etc. & etc, ad nausatorium)?  Why do liberals "keep going on" about how their nanny, statist approach is the grandest end-all, be-all best invention since bees knees in spite of the statistic showing that each government job created by them destroys (according to various estimates) between 3 to 10 private-sector jobs?

(Screw 'equal time'-I'm just winding-up, here!)

Why do liberals:

1. Snipe and whine about the evils of capitalism?  Capitalism created the greatest level of prosperity and freedom ever seen in the world and it continues to out-perform their socialist alternatives in any and every place where they haven't completely destroyed it.

2. Hide their wealth behind a maze of blind trusts and other tax-immune legal structures and then insist that everybody else should be forced at IRS gunpoint to pay "their fair share?" (Think Ted kennedy or Warren Buffett)

3.  Enrich themselves through the politics of opposites?  Why are they so fond of playing one group against the other?  For them, it's always rich vs. poor (class warfare), white vs. everybody else (race warfare), or male vs. female (sex warfare) which they employ to keep all of us at each-other's throats so nobody takes a long look at their real antagonists.

4.  Pretend to be such populist "men of the common people" kind of cocksuckers and sell themselves out to the highest bidder?

-for some reason, liberals keep going on about how their systems and proposals are so efficient.


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