Politics and Religion

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You're retarded

Posted 5/31/2012 at 6:15:06 PM

Officer Cartman
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On soooo many levels.

Felons don't have the right to vote because they break major rules of society and it is determined that they don't have society's best interests at heart.  Although I'm sure murderers, rapists, and heroin dealers that sell to children would share the same political beliefs as you.

Your voter supression 2000 story is a myth as substantiated as Bigfoot.  In Willy's PATHETIC mind thrown out lawsuits are the equivelent to truth.  Move On!

Did you ever hear of Illinois in 1960?  Voter fraud did turn that election.  

Only someone with values as repulsive as your's would wonder aloud what's wrong with voter fraud.  RETARD!

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