Politics and Religion

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Yep, we are rapidly going in the gutter.

Posted 5/31/2012 at 8:58:14 AM

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It is a real shame that court rulings seem to have gotten caught up in political correctness and just plain stupidity.  There is no constitutional right for a non human to have this kind of power in our elections.

I am somewhat involved with yet another absurdity involving a friend who has been accused of child abuse by his 12 year old daughter... she made a complaint that she was inappropriately touched six years ago.  With no other evidence than that, my friend was arrested on two felonies, spent nearly 20K on bond/attorney, and still not even any discovery to his lawyer, no pretrial, lost his job, may lose his house, can't leave the state, ...... he ain't even seen the evidence against him...  Only in America...

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