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You did not realize that is Mein with a new handle :D EOM

Posted 5/28/2012 at 10:57:32 AM


Posted By: dncphil
I am sorry, but I think it is a little pompous to give a long sentence in another language without a translation.  I think I can tweek out the meaning, but in languages there are a lot of "false friends of the translator," as they are known in Russian, which are words that sound like a word in another language but do not have that meaning.  

For example, "parenti" in Italian, means "relatives," not "parents."  Consequenlty, guessing a meaing can be hazardous.

I speak two languages other than English, but I would never think of posting in one on an English-speaking board without a translation, especially if that is the entire point of the post.



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