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So if I read this article correctly, Obama is nothing more than a

Posted 5/27/2012 at 4:25:04 PM

little ROACH THIEF, WEED MOOCHER. Maybe this was his early indoctrination into his current entitlement mentality.

Maybe Obama is waiting for Biden to light up a doobie on TV to change his mind publicly on the issue. Obama isn't making any friends in California, specifically with the medical marijuana dispensaries raids.

Willy, you really have a wealth of information on drugs, guns, wine making, anarchism and the like. If you just took some of that time and channeled into making money, maybe we wouldn't need to hear you bitch and whine like a little girl about life's inequities.

Even though I'm a proponent of legalizing pot, I'm still a big time proponent on employee drug testing, including pot.

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