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FINALLY: Progressives are hammering Obama on his bullshit drug policy.

Posted 5/27/2012 at 2:04:50 PM

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Far too often Dems and Republicans will support their guy. I've never thought very highly of cheerleading.

But it looks like with this new bio coming out about Obama being quite the marijuana enthusiast, a lot of people on the left are hammering Obama on the issue.

They're not alone. Today, nearly two thirds of Americans now believe that marijuana should be legal.

Despite this, and the fact that marijuana has shown to be the safest drug ever used by man, half the arrests in the US are for marijuana. 850,000 were arrested in 2010 alone, 88% of whom were arrested for simple possession.

It seems bizarre to me, why anyone would support 850,000 people being arrested, in one year alone, for having a plant on them. A freaking plant!

To give one an idea of how absurd this is, if you had in your possession a plant from the Cannabaceae family, say a species known as Humulus lupulus, you're fine. We know this plant as "hops", and it's added to beer.

But if you instead have a plant from the Cannabaceae family, a cannabis species, then you're breaking the law.

It's a law that millions break, and yet people don't lose their jobs, they don't become addicted, and most are never caught. Late night TV openly targets stoners as an audience. It's legal or tolerated in other countries, and surprise, surprise, nothing goes wrong, and yet we still put 850,000 people a year behind bars for it. Unfuckingbelievable.


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