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She doesn't need to sell herself to me

Posted 1/4/2011 at 5:48:27 PM

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I pay her for one hour, she keeps me for 6, until she has to pick up her kid. She has gotten several offers to take her completely off the market. In the six figures. She's turned them down. She's turning down repeat visits from clients she's already seen, except me. She's telling me her real name. She's doing stuff with me she's not doing with anyone else. I know because I know several of the other guys that have seen her really well. If they had done what we've done, they'd be beating down her door to see her again.

On a lighter note, today I took some Xanax, saw another girl that was a "light" version of her. We had amazing chemistry and mindblowing sex with no hint of romance. Amazing how that changed my perspective on things!

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