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I happen to think

Posted 5/19/2012 at 10:01:43 AM


Posted By: Done_That
you went shopping & just carried on your merry way w/no worries after 9-11 hit that morning, no big whoop...the crazy western governments deserved it.

I happen to think that crazy western governments *did* that. But that's another thread. See the Sibel Edmonds video.


Posted By: Done_That
I'm very against Christian right wing interference w/politics, but they aren't walking into your neighborhood coffee shops w/a bomb vest on.

Interference w/politics? How about control of them?

Thy don't need to walk into coffee shops. They just drone strike 'em.

Furthermore, I would ask you: just how desperate does someone have to feel to put on a vest to go blow him/herself up? Sure, some are brainwashed, but how far can that actually go statistically to make someone do that? If I were the mother of any of those children in the video in the original post, god knows how far I might be driven with crazy rage to attack someone who I thought was responsible for that. When you have nothing and nobody left to care about, crazy things can take seed in your mind. We are all human.

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