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Posted 5/18/2012 at 6:07:21 AM

Officer Cartman
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I've been trying to avoid this since NBC News doctored the original Zimmerman 911 call and nobody seems to care.  If it was Fox News it would be the scandal of the century.  I also find it total BS that the media chose to almost exclusively show pictures of Martin at a younger age and cover up his delinquent past.  And I find Obama's attempt to politically/racially capitalize off of it truly disgusting.  The man has no shame.

That being said, the injuries to Zimerman look very mild.  Small cuts and bruises to his head and face.  Martin was probably the agressor and Zimmerman was definitely getting his ass kicked but I fail to see how he could have believed his life was truly in danger.  It's a shame that it has turned into a racial circus due to the most irresponsible, biased mainstream news organization out there, NBC News.

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