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Obama can easily win this election, just by changing one single policy.

Posted 5/16/2012 at 4:50:38 AM

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By changing this one policy, Obama would win the youth vote, hands down. The best part, is that it wouldn't require Obama to do anything. He just needs to stop cracking down the medical marijuana.

A new Mason-Dixon poll finds that three forths of all Democrats think that state laws on medical marijuana should be respected. And two thirds of Republicans think the same thing.

It makes no sense to continue our federal drug policies when it hasn't reduced use, it's been used as an excuse to put a staggering number of blacks in prison breaking up countless families, it's cost us billions, and it has resulted in Mexico turning into a narco-state largely run by drug cartels, destabilizing our southern border.

Between the taxes that could be raised by legalization, and what could be cut in enforcement and incarceration, ending this idiotic policy of the safest drug ever consumed by man could reduce the deficit by a third, and that's not counting all the industrial uses hemp can be used for.

The time has come on this issue. Legalize it.

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