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one more thing on paganism robert

Posted 5/15/2012 at 4:11:34 AM

IMHO - had humanity been left to our own devices, and not had any of the monotheistic religions pushed on us, we would naturally be pagans.. our spiritual  hierarchy would be the actual hierarchy of our earth..

Instead paganism is foreign to most because of religions like christianity, which took the pagan story of the heavens and injected Idols to it.. So now the actual sun's idol is Jesus.. If this hadn't happened we'd naturally be grateful for all the blessings the earth gives us that sustain our life here on this planet..

If we hadn't been removed from it, we'd take better care of our planet, and there wouldn't be any way a banking cabal could have gotten away with taking the planet from us, and creating the world we have today.. They have the control they do of this planet because they removed us from earth and our land, IMHO

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