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Very intersting indeed.. ALL of the ancients named this planet

Posted 5/15/2012 at 1:32:53 AM

the hopi and mayan called it the red star kachina, other names are tyche, wormwood. the red star of bethlehem, which the bible mentions being in the sky when jesus was born..

The bible is the ONLY book that says anything about this star/planet falling to earth..

EVERY ancient book and tablet has made mention of an extra red planet..

Sitchin loses me a little bit when he gets into the anunaki, and what his interpertation of this is from the summerian tablets.. BUT, I cant say he's wrong, just that he loses me there.. He may be right, and my mind may be closed to that.. I try to open it to it, and things of that nature.. But I NEVER learned about that in my journey and understanding of the heavens.. The way I understand this, is it is suns binary star, coming from Orion.. I also understand that ALL stars (including earth with venus) are binaries or dualistic

Some of It's other names are nemesis, tyche

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