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Fine, don't listen, and while I'm at it

Posted 5/11/2012 at 12:02:33 PM

I'm calling your wife and kids. You need to have your trading status halted immediately.

I really want you to think about what you are doing. If JPM was your only financial investment, and since you are only investing about $19K, we could consider this a short-term speculative play. But no mari, you have an addiction to financial companies. You are still underwater with Bank of America after all these years. You kept buying more stock all the way down, but your argument was "BAC is a huge franchise". Well Buckwheat, their stock is only worth what investors will pay, and that is less than your cost basis.

Oh yes, how about Goldman Sachs. A little over a year ago you were going to buy GS at $150 a share. You said it was a steal. Best investment firm in the known galaxy (sic). What's it trading at mari? You have an addiction to financial stocks. Say it mari, say it. This is the first step in St. Croix's 12 step process (lol).

Investing is OK, but please diversify a little. Try something else. Don't keep making the same mistakes.

P.S. Please tell me you at least put in a stop loss just in case. But if it does pop to $40, just sell. One last thing, why did you buy it this morning? You should always wait a few days to let the selling subside.

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