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Naah – that guy never passes the ball. But I guess I should admit

Posted 5/10/2012 at 4:24:20 AM

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that I’m planning to buy the Puffy Shirt franchise for LA.

    I think I can break even just by selling to you and your buddies, with a very reasonable price increase from what you are paying now.

       Who else would be a Puffy Shirt customer? Priapus? Naah- as an Elvis impersonator, Puffy Shirts are not his style. Mein always wears a bow tie, so he’s out. Willy buys all his clothes from the Whole Earth catalog.

      H’mm. Wait, I’ve got it- GaGambler would look great in a Puffy Shirt with his slim build and Asian countenance. Yes, I can see St. Croix and GaGambler rambling through Vegas in your Puffy Shirts, two wild and crazy guys. The ladies won’t know what hit em.

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