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4 high-tech ways the federal government is spying on private citizens
harborview 10 Reviews 1912 reads

1. The NSA is building a massive data center in Utah to read every email you'll ever send.
2. The FBI maintains detailed files on numerous public, semi-public, and private figures.
3. Homeland Security is reading your tweets and Facebook status messages.
4. Your ISP may soon be required to keep files on what sites you visit.

Pay close attention to #4 as the plan is to allow the records to be used in civil cases & divorce courts as well as HomeLand Security.

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prepkid248 reads

I bet they already have this forum drilled in.

conscientious_hobbyist230 reads

...but the government wants to catch motherfuckers who want to blow us up. Government doesn't care about horny guys trying to get some pussy.  They got enough shit on their plate and there are enough horny bastards in government itself that they can keep close tabs on.. Trust me..I work for government.

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