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ur one sided and forgetting (on purpose) about the "other" racists...

Posted 5/7/2012 at 12:45:08 AM

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Posted By: xfean
Thinking While Black: Barack Obama, Race and the Politics of Conservative Smears

.... “Racism is a way of life for the vast majority of white Americans, spoken and unspoken, acknowledged and denied, subtle and sometimes not so subtle — the disease of racism permeates and poisons a whole body politic,” and that whites largely refuse to acknowledge “the debt that they owe a people who were kept in slavery,” for hundreds of years.
 ... Obama praises often, and apparently regards as something of a national role model.

Racism is also a way of life for many people of
all races, including blacks, but they wont admit it
neither will you or Tim Wise,  because it doesn't
fit your ego-perception of being some victims hero.

We don't owe a debt to any ancestor of a slave,  just
ask African refugees.   I've helped some where I live
and they wish their ancestors were slaves, and that they
were born here with all the opportunities available.

Do blacks ever give thanks for the almost 200,000 white
people who died to end the huge business of indentured
servitude, bond servants and slavery....huh?...no....

What about black denial about their own racism.  Its no
better, or more justified than any other racism.  Black
Americans wont give credit to the white accomplishments
in defeating racism, and will not give credit to the white leaders and
people who helped to stop white racism's political power.
Not only blacks supported MLK, there were a lot of white people too!

Black Americans want to wallow in self pity,  the Africans
don't,  they come here and get jobs at white owned companies
and do just fine,  where is the racism there???  It doesn't exist,
its a myth of the past,  stop holding on to it and move forward
and progress with the rest of us.

Tim Wise is proof that whites are the least racist of the races,
we want to stop and end racism, and we are big enough to look
at it and listen,  blacks americans wont.  Tim Wise is outdated,
a throw back to the terrible past, trying to capitalize on the past.

Come forward xfean to 2008 where a black man is voted in by a
high percentage of whites....Stop living in the past and embrace
the future.   Racism has changed, whites are no longer the primary
racists in the US.

"The Illinois senator won 43 percent of white voters, 4 percentage points below Carter’s performance in 1976 and equal to what Bill Clinton won in the three-man race of 1996. Republican John McCain won 55 percent of the white vote."

"A stunning 54 percent of young white voters supported Obama, compared with 44 percent who went for McCain, the senator from Arizona. In the past three decades, no Democratic presidential nominee has won more than 45 percent of young whites."

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