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Re: Colour me delighted

Posted 5/6/2012 at 12:44:43 PM

It's also the story of human consciousness in that book, how in the beginning their was darkness.. and now look at all we have! Sun and a moon and a solar system..

It's not that the sun and moon wasn't always around, it's humans we'rent conscious of them.. Kinda like how our ancestors believed the earth was flat.. It's nt that the earth was ever flat, it's that they weren't conscious of it being round.. and this IMHO is a great example of evolution, and the expansion of human cosnsciousness

I PROMISE you lauren, if we were still connected to our pagan roots, we'd be better keepers of our land and earth on which we need for everything... This is what has been taken from humanity over the years, and our pagan roots go back to the beginning of time..

Instead we go through this life, waiting on the after life, and we miss the whole point

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