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You are both missing the point - you shouldn't be thrown in jail without an arrest or any process

Posted 5/5/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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just because you don't have the proper "papers" on you if you happen to look Mexican. If they had stopped me as white guy this would never have happened. They would have just given me a ticket.
This lady was thrown in jail because she couldn't prove her right to be here. That's not how we do things in America,

Whether a third party is negligent later on in the process shouldn't matter bc it is the unconstitutional state law that throws you into the system.


Posted By: MSHSEX
We all know how most who work for the Federal government are too incompetent to get private sector jobs. This story just exemplifies what we all know.


Posted By: marikod
       Mexican born Araceli Sanchez – the wife of an American serviceman whose application for legal residency had not been completed – set off in her car to buy her 3 year old daughter a birthday present. But she made –gasp – an illegal left turn and was stopped by Arizona police.

        Sanchez had no papers to prove her legal right to be in the country as the wife of an American service man. Even worse, she had brown skin and no speaka da English very well. So Arizona police decided she must be an illegal immigrant and turned over to federal authorities for detention.

     Now, in arguing before the Supreme Court, Arizona’s attorney told the Court – "if there are mistakes, it’s no problem. It only takes the feds about 10 minutes to verify someone’s residency.”

       It ain’t necessarily so, as Ms. Sanchez found out. A fed agent drove her to Blythe California and then back to Yuma, Arizona where he offered her free transportation to Mexico, She refused, explaining she was legally in the country as the wife of an American citizen.

       So the feds locked her up with some mean, nasty ugly looking people in the immigration cell for two nights. Then she was taken to a third detention center operated by a private contractor. She was not allowed to speak with her husband by phone.
        Finally, the feds figured out she was not here illegally, even though she did not have her “papers.” And they let her go.

The lawsuit –stay tuned –it’s a coming.

Board righties –still like this law?


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