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Are you so focused on stocks and stockholders that you've never heard of stakeholders?

Posted 5/5/2012 at 12:37:42 AM

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Let's try this idea out on ya Saint. Who OWNS the federal government? The People do. Therefore, Federal lands, and Federal institutions are OWNED by the People too. If the Federal Government leases land to an oil company, that is my land that they're leasing. Why am I not getting a royalty check?

They do this sort of thing in Alaska. It seems to work for them.

All I'm suggesting, is to try the idea with Federal institutions as a way to reduce fraud.

I think your ideas are well....stupid. Do you really want gov't bureaucrats trying to figure out if you're frauding the gov't when your in an emergency room suffering chest pains?

Make punishment for fraud extraordinarily draconian. There's an idea that never fucking works. Texas gleefully executes people regularly, yet they still have one of the highest homicide rates in the nation. Maybe if we could only execute people twice, maybe that would deter them, eh?

Just take the profit out of health care. You get rid of the incentive to commit fraud. You get rid of skyrocketing prices. You financially reward people for reducing costs.

Instead of looking at private insurance as a model for anything in a Single Payer System, why not look at what other nations are doing to administer their health care?

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