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You really are exhausting sometimes

Posted 5/4/2012 at 8:55:39 AM

Re education - I said Medicare AND the private sector. The obvious reason you have no consumer involvement is that the consumer has no VESTED ($$$) reason, and that is even more apparent in Medicare.

Look mari, if you are in the emergency room because of your weak knees, obviously you just want the pain to go away. You just want the doctor to do anything and everything. Emergency room, surgery, I get it, but a portion of health care is done at the doctor's office, or outpatient procedures.

I assume you have private insurance. Does your plan have a "estimated" pricing tool? This is where you can look at a procedure, and get different prices. I've seen MRI prices range from $500 to $5000. If the consumer is INVOLVED, then naturally the price comes down.

Medicare is a single payer system. It's just one big insurance company. They take in premiums and pay out claims. That's it. They could put in incentives, but like fraud, the government is not designed to be cost effective. Plus add the fact that half of our population goes through life fat, drunk and stupid, I kinda have a problem of just paying and paying and paying for that behavior.

And to think you used a Spago example to make your point. That's pretty weak. And if I did go to Spago's, it better be with a client that is about to sign a multi-million dollar contract, otherwise I'm hustling money from slow, white, asthma inhaling can't shoot losers like you (lmao).

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