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Posted 11/30/2010 at 7:46:52 PM

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None of my business to meddle in here (between you & Worm) and I certainly find this thread to be a very interesting one, starting from LG's opinion right the way through most of the posters' opinions, including that of both you and Worm.

However, I just wanted to chime in and say that he did in fact answer your question and here is a quote from his last post:

"I'm not interested in romance outside the appointed time. I'm not interested in being anyone's boyfriend but friendship? Hell yeah. I'll take that wherever I can find it."

Rather that going back and forth between the two of you, is it possible that you two have had a different set of results from your past experiences with regards to this subject, because of the difference in the age of the providers? I merely say that because in one of your past posts, you cautioned against a potential provider hitting one up for' "rent money, car payment, breast augmentation, etc" while Worm was talking of, "provider's father passing away, help with the kids' homework, trips to the museum, etc" It seems to me that you had some bad experience with a younger provider who was really looking for a Sugar Daddy whereas  Worm had some good experiences with a more mature demographic!

While I am not saying that all young providers are destitute when all mature providers are financially secure and independent (far from it), what I am saying is that the chances of not getting mixed up as a Sugar Daddy with the latter group is a lot less than the former. Most often when a guy past his 40's get tangled emotionally/romantically with a girl in her 20's, concerns which you had raise do come to surface. Just thinking aloud and apologies for the interruption ;)

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