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My guess is that she's not dead, just wants to leave the adult business

Posted 5/15/2013 at 6:17:38 PM

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Look at what it said on her alexandria arden website:
RIP FEB. 1 1980 - APR. 27 2013
she wont be missed
If she truly died, who in their right mind would put something so cold and callous as "she won't be missed" on her website. It sounds like Alex wants to bury "Alex Arden" permanently and this is her way of doing it. Her email account is closed and her phones no longer work. Maybe she just wanted to escape.


Posted By: thorblade
Been a "friend" of hers for a couple years now. Knowing her that way it's not shocking to not hear from her for long periods of time, however yesterday I went to her Site at and the home Page declares she passed away 4/27/2013. I'm really hoping this is a sick joke or that she had just decided not to be "Alex Arden" anymore. If anyone knows the truth please let me know. I've tried all the contact numbers and email addresses she has ever used to reach me and have come up empty. Thanks


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