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What the fuck do you need billing codes for? 

Posted 3/13/2012 at 8:00:12 AM

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Mari, the old system had more Americans dying every year from the lack of health insurance than has ever died in terrorism, all years combined. Prior to the housing bubble popping it was the number one cause of bankrupcy in America. It produced some of the highest infant mortality rates in the industrial world (higher than Cuba, for fuck's sake), and created lower life expectancy rates.

The problem with "Obamacare" is that it is a protection racket for the for-profit disease industry.

Single payer health care would have been simplier and more efficient. You need medical attention, you go to the hospital, period, end of story. You pay your taxes, the gov't pays the doctor. Simple, easy.

Lastly, it seems that your attitude is that if you can't afford to pay private for-profit leeches for your medical care, then fuck you, you die. Rarely have I seen someone as honest as you about this, Mari. It seems you wish to enact the death penalty for the crime of being poor.

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