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contradictions to numerous. Make up your mind

Posted 3/12/2012 at 12:49:30 PM

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True, you said it was improbable, but you close with "As for "Rushbo", predict that in the following year he'll either retire or be forced to join Howard Stern on satellite radio.  Rush is toast."

Saying he is toast and making the prediction isn't really consistent with improbable.  

It is a little funny because you post self-contradictory messages.  It is improbable he will be forced off + he is toast and you predict he will retire.

I don't need to read more carefully, you need to write more clearly and less inherently conflicted.  Chose a side. Make your prediction.  Playing both side of the coin in the same post is a little weird.


Posted By: Priapus53
I said highly IMPROBABLE end of talk radio, which means highly unikely, or do you need definition of "improbable" ? However, as stated before, with mass natl. ad exodus, not impossible.

Polls show overwhelming listening demographic are older, angry, white Christian guys; do you realize what a large slice of population that is & how much ad $ can be made off them ?

As for Rush, he's like Dracula; if his fat ass is thrown of AM, sure he'll find a spot on satellite with Howard Stern whose company he richly deserves.


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