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Re: Looks more like a Partytreff to me.

Posted 8/11/2010 at 5:44:59 PM

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Posted By: boneboybob
Generally, those places have more of the orgy-style group action going. The only time I've really seen this in the German FKKs is in the kino. I recall starting out in a nearly empty kino with a Czech blonde Sam at GT, and by the time we decided we needed to adjourn to the zimmer for a second round, we had a packed kino- didn't really notice the crowd showing up, as I was otherwise (pleasantly) occupied. :)

Maybe Bernd's is more like this too (haven't been yet), but it does match the descriptions I've read of Partytreff clubs...

That was my thought as well.  I've been to a few PTs and prefer them to FKKs.  Sex can break out at any minute.  Certainly, the girls looked PT quality.  It's amazing the adventures you can have in a country where they don't care what consenting adults choose to do in their spare time.

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