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Re: Cologne/Dusseldorf Area - Reflections on 3 clubs visited

Posted 6/27/2010 at 10:13:19 PM

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A couple of other details:

1.  No matter which club or where it occurs, you are committed to a session when a bbbj begins.  There are no freebies at that point.  DFKing is less consistent, whether or not you can then disengage - generally if you get a DFK introduction, she is interested in providing good service and you shouldn't disengage.  But also don't expect a bbbj introduction from everyone and this almost never happens at Samya, and rarely at Babylon.

2. It helps to take a watch, discretely note the time when taking off your watch to begin and note it when you have put your watch on again and exit the room.  Samya has a system where the girl checks the time with the desk on the first floor.  Since you could have been in the room, or zimmer, on the third floor, this adds to her time and can extend to a second 30 minute session, inadvertently.  Don't fall for that, use the time on your watch and pay her accordingly.  If there is a disagreement, take it to the main desk because few girls will actually take the issue to the main desk, unless for example you CIM'd and refuse to pay for the extra.

2. Payment for sessions at Babylon and Bernds were on exit.  It was less clear what the exit cost would be at Bernds, but don't fret at all - the women there are very generous.  At Samya, you pay the lady after the session.  The girl visits you at your locker for payment after the session.

3. By far, the food is best at Bernds, provided by a local hotel (Reuters), which you can arrange to stay overnight by telling the Thekefrau at the Bernds desk.

4.  You get an entry tour at Babylon and at Bernds after you have showered and changed in the locker room.

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