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hello_there! 1642 reads

Her films say it all:)

Shout out your FAVORITE  oldest PORNO Movie or Actress!!

List your fav's and why?

prepkid1500 reads

I have a thang for cute red hair.

Posted By: MsCharlotte
Shout out your FAVORITE  oldest PORNO Movie or Actress!!

List your fav's and why?

cspatz1231 reads

... she was the very first one to really turn me on. All her stuff is on the internet if you wan't to revisit it.

hello_there!1643 reads

Her films say it all:)

macdaddy19441468 reads

the original platinum princess..i used to drool over her..

joseph24691440 reads

Though not Georgina Spelvin, Gloria Leonard or Marilyn Chambers famous in the 1970's, my favorite from that era is:

Darby Lloyd Rains - There was just something about her.  Loved Her in "Naked Came The Stranger"

Honorable Mentions:
Gloria Leonard,  Jessie St. James, Kay Parker, Colleen Brennan, Honey Wilder

MaxSwagger1928 reads

Devinn Lane she has the sluttiest face...And those tits are spectacular.  I wish I could find out if she still provided...I'll hate myself forever for missing her.

alloverthemap1919 reads

Wait. Stop the presses. I never recall Devinn providing. I think we're talking about the same starlet because, yes, she did possess:

a.) A slutty face
b.) Spectacuar tits

But I suspect you might be confusing her with Taylor St. Claire, who did provide -- if only for an instant.

cigarjim1368 reads

Posted By: MsCharlotte
Shout out your FAVORITE  oldest PORNO Movie or Actress!!

List your fav's and why?

F18Hornet1275 reads

Both Christy and Erica are beautiful ladies.  Unfortunately, Erica lost her life a few years ago in an auto accident.

nycad1470 reads

1980s the golden age of video porn! VHS style!


hello_there!1333 reads

I love her eyes, her body, the way she laughs, and all that she does:)

Cock Robin1269 reads

She was the first pornstar I ever saw up close and personal at the Admiral Theater in Chicago.  Absolutely beautiful woman with a fantastic body and really sweet to an underage teenager who managed to sneak into the theater!

mingdoy1242 reads

First time I saw her was in Barbara Broadcast and High School Memories.

tonyrocc1751 reads

First really Beautiful Pornstar.

rongel1558 reads

Her movies were Oh so hot.....amazing sex machine

Haribo12074 reads

Wished to meet her one day
... she was listed with BM ... the link doesn`t work anymore ... "Forbidden Fruit"???

tater3027 reads

Has to be Selena Steele.  She was hot and looked like she was really having fun.  I met her at a club long ago and still fantasize about what it would be like to spend some time with her.

big781220 reads

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captnamer2076 reads

Teri Weigel

IMHO the most beautiful woman to ever do PORN!
Has a real sexy, fun time vibe to her! I do believe she could have been the biggest Star in adult if she had wanted to be! Teri is still active in the adult business today.
Just wish, there was more information about her and Escorting in 2012!

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