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Tagged her for free??

Posted 5/29/2012 at 12:53:35 PM

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I'm not saying that this is Bullsnit....wait, yeah I am...but for her to come in and not check your friends ID, check in with her "Booker" and make sure that the money was secured, ie do all the typical provider stuff is stretching the veil of plausibility just a tad far. Do you REALLY think this chick is flying across the country to screw somebody she has never met and NOT checking your ID and getting PAID? I know she screwed you by booking another appt but if she is THAT conniving she isn't just going to show up at your hotel unannounced and screw the guy that HAPPENS to be in the room or address you were allegedly meeting at.  Sorry I can only suspend disbelief so far....but nice try to  make it sound like you got over on her.

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