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Imagine Alexandria & Nikita Together! 

Posted 5/28/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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The first time the three of us did that was unquestionably the apex of my sexual experiences!  As I have related here (and, of course, never get tired of reminiscing about!), it was like being with a couple of sexual mind readers!  It also provided me with my two favorite sound bites (and have had the good fortune to spend a bunch of time with some of these girls the last few years have provided more than a few!) from these adventures: my second favorite was when early on in the festivities I guess you could say, when I made a gentle suggestion as to what I thought should be occurring, Nikita responded with "Ve know vhat we're doing, darhling!"  Right, right, you are trained professionals, zipping it.  The funny thing is she was right, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.  The favorite came a bit later when I was told, "don't stop, darhling, I think she'z close!"  Classic, and I'm not creative enough to make shit like that up! The event culminated with me standing next to the bed, Alex on all fours and doing those amazing things she used to do with her mouth while Nikita got behind her and buried her tongue in Alex's ass, holding my gaze as I almost passed out when I came!  

You've good taste, sir, since while I don't know Megan, I have gotten to know Charley in a different capacity and she's an absolute doll!  While I've never had the pleasure, I have no doubt that she would amazing one to play with.  Sometimes I hate being an adult and having to maintain boundaries!  Worked out in the long run tho, since she introduced me to Claire Dames and London Keyes, two lovelies I have had the pleasure of romping with!  It's been a good few years!

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