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Re: Does she provide?

Posted 5/16/2012 at 8:46:43 PM

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I remember she was listed somewhere 3 or 4 years ago- also remember rate was rather high even for pornstar somewhere around 2k- haven't seen anything lately might be utr


Posted By: phillyfan25


Posted By: The Moose
to partake in the "worlds strongest naked woman" contest...Justine Joli was also present...

And also Stern Show related, Sal Governale, hosts the monthly Brazzers live show...(tommorow's is a pool party)....Brazzers is my favorite company, notwithstanding that "Get Rubber" campaign they have on each DVD....I'm ready to throw a brick thru the TV when i see that ad..

Do you know if Nikki provides? I know I could use search, but I figured since I didn't start a new thread with the question I could just ask on this one.


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