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Envy Jolie's tour update for May and June 

Posted 5/16/2012 at 7:38:01 PM

Finally, on tour already though here we go:

May 17th-20th- SO. Beach

May 20th-25th-Downtown Chicago (Available for doubles with my super hot G/F who shares a lot of similiar traits. She is UTR, slim, beautiful face, slender body (works out daily & eats clean) tan, fun, energetic,witty, blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheek bones, I cannot even describe how awesome she is! She wants to come out and play with me! YUMMY!

May  26th-June 9th - Scottsdale, AZ

May 10th- 15th L.A. (looking for a location) more than likely Beverly Hills as I am flying into Burbank.

Upcoming plans soon will be as follows: NYC, SF, and taking votes on one more additional location. I am open ears baby!

All I ask is that you please visit my website and fill out the required info. Texting and such leaves a scattered mess. The form will allow me to start the screening process and get us together. Tyhank you for your understanding!


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