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Posted 4/8/2012 at 5:11:59 AM

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Posted By: LoveDaddy1
I'm interested to see if any are avail.

Well, Envy Jolie posted below that she's often in Phoenix since she has a residence there.  But she's apparently on tour right now.

Priya Rai is often in Phoenix - I think she lives near there.  Also:Kandee Lixx, Regan Reese, Smokie Flame, Madison Scott and Alex Arden all live in the area or tour there.  There's also a new porn starlet by the name of Danielle based out there that I've seen listed on Eros. There are one or two others that I think are in the Phoenix area but can't mention here because they've been delisted or are UTR.

You can check the various agencies - TLC, Pam Peaks, etc,.  I'm sure they could hook you up.

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