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Re: Part 2 Sorry not to get back to you sooner

Posted 6/11/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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Thanks it does a lot.  I dnt have VIP yet, can u email me at  I am a newbie with some questions


Posted By: LamontCranston69
But it was a busy weekend.
This is how you read my posts:

Eros ad for
This is just a link to the ladies ad on Eros

Hit on Photos:
If I have to do a Google or Tineye search of the Photos on in the ad, this is were the results are.
Like Claire in part 2, She stole photos from a Norwegian escort site.

Search of Phone#
When I do a Google search of the Phone#/Email this is were I will post any thing I find that is odd.
As in if the phone# or Email leads to other ads that have different photos or different names in them.
I will not on the bottom of the what is different about the Eros ad and what I found in the other ads.

This will give you a good idea who is a well know provider and who is scamming.

PLEASE NOTE, That there are some well known provider who do not have TER reviews,or have reviews on other boards that I can not link to, but I will note it in the post.

Now when when you see "Nothing" after the photos, phones or email, it means I didn't find anything to prove that the ladies ad on Eros is not real, This is when you kinda have to use your gut and decide if you want to see the lady.

I hope this helps you and if you have any question let me know, more then happy to help a fellow hobbiest


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