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have had any luck getn it taken down,

Posted 6/10/2012 at 11:56:03 AM

my site i control i created is there is another site up with extremely old photos its sexy n classy .com? any hoo i hear ya i am stuck with links to it on my profile, already contacted admin, more than 4 times, dont know what to do from here as i never gave any one permission to create the sexy n classy site of me, not to say i dont th nk hey that was nice , n all but yes bit annoying i cant get it taken off, clients do say to me hey gee thaT PIC U DONT LOOK LIKE YA ANY MORE ECT, JUST GOTTA HOPOE THBEY VISIT THE SITE THATS CURRENT THAT I ACTUALLY HAVE CONTROL OVER AND CREATED, !

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