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Be true to yourself

Posted 6/3/2012 at 6:20:21 AM

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Too many men in this world use guilt, admonishment and manipulation to control woman.  Its everywhere in this business, where people with small minds and a pathetically distorted sense of self try to control others.  It can be woman to woman or men to woman (even men to men and woman to men).  

I'm not sure whether you're guilty of degrading any of the men on here, but I do feel you have a right to defend yourself against others treating you in degrading, manipulative and socially unacceptable ways.  You are not a punching bag nor should you be treated as such.

I've seen other Ladies in this business who have been harassed into conforming to what other think they should be.   Frankly, I think that is the beginning of long process where an individual loses touch with who they truly are and it leads to anger, frustration and being jaded.

I do wish you could compose your thoughts in a program with spell check then cut and paste them here.   It would make it easier to read your thoughts and would take away one of the criticisms others have.  But I totally understand what the issue is with your typing and its a small thing that you don't need to change just to make someone else happy.

Being a good and a successful provider has a lot more to do with what happens behind closed doors and much less with what you write on a TER board.

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