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Re: Jill, it's very tough and I applaud you!

Posted 5/28/2012 at 9:46:59 PM

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Most honest lady I have ever worked with..she has literally told me to save my money when I've asked her about a girl on her website that I have not seen. Her honesty may come off as rude to some but. I never feel lied to or over promised when I ask for info. If she danced at squire back in the day then she must have been and probably still is pretty hot. Today the strip clubs unfortunately have lower standards and maybe Jill took a page out of Norma's management style..squire people will understand that referances. She has no hidden agenda and has provided referances for providers and is/very well liked even by ex rsg girls which is rare in any profession and practically impossible in a cash biz like rsg.

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