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The double standard is...

Posted 5/28/2012 at 8:19:13 AM

...that assertive men are called agressive and deemed good businessmen, but an assertive woman is labled a Bitch!  Just ask Hillary how that works...

Posted By: sexy1jill
Hi Everyone,

I would like to clear the air about some things, especially to those who don't know me very well. I don't, nor have I ever had any hidden agendas towards anyone. Boston has one of the most active hobbyists communities around. There are more than enough hobbyists to go around for everyone, services and Independents alike.

I have been in this crazy business for many, many years, not only as an agency but also as a former provider (both as an Indy and as a service girl). I also worked as a booker for a very big service, and at a massage parlor, a brothel and was even an exotic dancer at one time in my life. (the only things I haven't done is walk the streets or have a pimp). I have been an active member of TER since it first went on line and was one of the very first posters on the Boston board. I know most everyone in this community, hobbyists, service owners and providers alike. I am even fortunate enough to call quite a few of them my good friends.

That being said, I hate to see anyone get ripped off, taken advantage of, or harmed in any way.  If I can possibly help someone with my knowledge or experience, I will. That's just my personality take it or leave it. There is no hidden agenda to any of my actions. Am I outspoken and sometimes come off as a Bitch? You bet, but believe it or not, it is always done with the best intentions.


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