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no knock raids actually are very common,,,,,,,in boston!

Posted 5/27/2012 at 6:36:15 PM

and everywhere, they just arent always in papers,,,,,Its easy to obtain a no knock warran t they just need to have had two complaints filed on a place , , wether they were noise complaint or traffic, thats all it takes, then of course takes few months to get warrant =goin thru, .  I even know of raids theyve done and NOT found anything just to mess with people they basically dont want in that town whom they feel are causin trouble.   I had a house I rented in fla raided on no knock 11 years ago...............we were 19, we had constant loud parties..... no escorts nothing crazy really goin on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,problem is it appeared we had alot goin on with the traffic, all it took was two complaints and we got our front and back doors kicked in, guns drawn,,,,,screamin every body on the floor,,,,!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,and then they demolish your property and trash your home, kickin in ceiling panels dumping ashtrays over, to search for any form of eveidence that could be used against you...............then all the dirty rubber gloves theyl leave all over the floor after they strip search each  every person in the house,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes its not fun,,,,,,,,,,,,,and no knocks are no joke they can get them if you manage to have more than one offical complaint filed................scary shit,  which was exactly my point when the guy was wondering why some ladies are a tad cautious with reference checking, and not accepoting just one whitelist as a green light.. its a JUNGLE out here,,,,,,for real. guess people take things for granted til something unfortunete and maybe unfair happens to them , then they learn to be careful...........and lay very very low, even if means making alot less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   what a hummer for them and how crappy, too bad they dont design designated areas where we d be alolowed to be loud and be hookers,,,,,,,,,,,hmm that be nice, oh wait thats vegas?

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