She has great blow job lips. eom
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Hi All. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience or information about the girl in this ad? It is for a girl calling herself Aria and offering erotic massage. I have seen her ads on backpage for quite a while now but still do not see any reviews. She seems almost too good to be true, which probably means it is.

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Hits off Photos:

Search of Phone # found nothing .
but I know some one else has asked about her before, just can remember who.

The lady in Question

I_am_brian_fellows1239 reads

hits on the pics all refer to other ads for the same girl.

Googling the phone number brings up ads, plus a post from a bulletin board that say pics are not her, you get a HE release from a not so attractive girl

Thanks for the info. As I expected, too good to be true. But still it's surprising that with the ad being up for so long and the pics very enticing, that no one has taken the plunge and reported on TER.

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i have been looking at her photos for months but never booked i just did not believe the pictures were real and i am glad i listened to my instincts.

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