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Posted 7/10/2012 at 4:07:36 PM

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1. She is not "stating the obvious". She is just hacking her way through a blank page with mainstream redundancies. I wouldn't hire this broad to write a school lunch menu.  

2. YOU think it's a nice article. You already know what I think of it.  

3. I'm not upset about the article. I'm making an observation about the article, and it's author, just like everyone else. Mine just happens to be a less cute and cuddly opinion. Is that ok too, or is this the x-rated version of the Cosby show where we all must live in perfect synchronicity?

90% of all media IS either pandering to some specific group, parroting stale ideas, or just completely full of shit - objectivity and presentation of facts not pulled from the authors ass, is dead - and that is a little upsetting, but I'll get over it, somehow, some way. Maybe I'll pet a puppy...or fuck a kitty. There's some good repetition for ya - bang bang, bang bang.

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