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Hourly rates.

Posted 3/24/2012 at 4:57:15 PM

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I want more drop dead gorgeous college students working this business. The childless, gorgeous, educated young women that I prefer command top rates. It is not worth their time to work for the $200-300 rates, they simply don't appear to be excited for such rates. I am willing to pay $400-$1000 per hour for a young women that has a gorgeous face, is in shape, is educated and who performs well in bedroom. Such young women get the money that they want to chase their dreams, I get memories that last a lifetime. Sadly, there are precious few of the type that I relish working in the industry. The consequence for me is that as I have grown older, I find myself using fewer escorts because I can't find the top 10% in beauty and physique type that excites me and keep me making appointments for encounters.

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