Re: New Girl Alexis
badbadger 20 Reviews 1365 reads

Saw her. It was really good. Check her out.  Review forthcoming.

oldguy6661597 reads

...be sure to include a link, so's we all can read about--and see!!--your this-week's fave!  

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oldguy6661821 reads

Beautiful milky-white skin.   Beautiful, soft, green eyes.  Great massage.  What more could a guy want?

gentlehands4u1148 reads

A great shower curtin surely you jest!!

oldguy6661520 reads

No, really!  I forget the specifics now, but I get a laugh out of it every time I'm there!  :)  The rest of the place is nicely appointed, too, but it's the quirkiest shower curtain I've ever seen.  (Maybe I have a shower-curtain fetish???)

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oldguy6661292 reads

Great personality!  Great smile!   Great massage! (She’s a CMT.)  Very sensual!  Go see her!

smilin69691769 reads

She is a very sweet girl and the service is great.


iluvmn2437 reads

She is very pretty, thin, 34C natural, highly intelligent, good conversationalist, down to earth -- the girl next door type.
Donation is reasonable. Not many girls like her out there.

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seeyouonline2228 reads

1+ on Alexis.  She gets into it and makes sure you have a great time.  Pic is accurate too. Petite Hottie!!

badbadger1855 reads

Just called and got her voice mail.  Left message.  Hope to hear back!

badbadger1366 reads

Saw her. It was really good. Check her out.  Review forthcoming.

cruiser501594 reads

Are there any reviews for her?

CordialSport1079 reads

Samantha Good is always very, very good, and when she's bad she's even better...

A session with Samantha is always special, an experience to be savored.

dewer1471 reads

I had a great time with Khloe this week.

wingman13461478 reads

What a little firecracker!!  Very nice!!

LuckyLuver1415 reads

No one can shake up your world like Wendy. Thanks Wendy for the GREAT time!! And the special treat!!  ;))
One of Minnesota's finest. Cheers!!

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minn4evr1484 reads

Slender, fit, smart, skilled, and drama free. She finds great pleasure in giving pleasure.

quoderat17901262 reads

Forgot to say something. Talented newcomer at a great price. Hot, tight ebony spinner.

mnjohnny2471710 reads

Smart, Gorgeous, Sexy and loves her work..give yourself a treat-see Kali

Choc1689 reads

and she has a new sparkle which is very becoming :)

Choc956 reads

might soon. menajeisback at yahoo.

TC Guy1109 reads

I have been in contact with her today.  She gave me that same email address that Choc posted:  menajeisback@yahoo.com.

I would very much doubt that she posts an ad anywhere.

TC Guy1043 reads

So did you actually get together with her?  I have been texting with her for quite some time and have not been able to actually get something set up with her yet.

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