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I think it could have been handled better... 

Posted 6/3/2012 at 6:52:54 PM

What you sent to him didn't explain the problem or the change he could make... he might not understand! You should have elaborated about why you didn't like the email chain he sent and why an address could be incriminating - he should have taken it out of the email. For a newbie, a short and sour message like you sent isn't a good way to point them in the right direction, it probably scared it! Come here, newbie, newbie, newbie ;) Lol.


Posted By: TrinityLake
I just got the reference information I requested from a guy requesting to see me.  However, he did not JUST give me the ad for the girl he saw, he included the entire email conversation he had with her which included her address!!!  I didn't read it or look at what the address was, I just realized that that was what it was!  I emailed the provider letting her know what happened, and I responded to him telling him what he did, that he made a huge mistake, I hope he learns his lesson, and never to contact me again.  

Should I do anything else?


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