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I prefer email. It is the only way to contact me. However, I do not reply to all emails...

Posted 6/1/2012 at 7:45:12 PM

Right now, I only have one ad out there, so there is not much for a potential client to read through. If my ad says I am available for a two hour minimum only but he requests an hour, this lets me know he did not care enough to read the three short paragraphs I drafted for the ad. I will not respond. Likewise, I do not reply to one-liner or short notice emails, and those with tons of typos (e.g. "cum c me in minnineAnapoliS next weak").

I can imagine some ladies are phone only because it is most convenient for them. They may not have access to a laptop or smartphone. Or they are more comfortable getting a sense of a potential client's personality by chatting over the phone.

Ok. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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