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Just to add a couple thoughts

Posted 5/31/2012 at 9:09:56 PM

Email use also depends on the type of providers you are trying to see and when.

Backpage escorts typically operate by phone only on a first come, first serve basis. Good luck getting a timely response from them via email.

This pattern might be changing in a tougher economy. But weekends are difficult to see escorts unless you plan a head. Most clients are busy over the weekends with their families and so are escorts. Escorts who might not be busy with their families on the weekend usually take the time off to catch up on personal things in their civilian life.

Little over a year ago there was an escort who was new to MN and her popularity was off the charts. I sent her an email and did not hear back from her until five days later and I had almost given up. She told me that she was receiving 200 emails per day. There was no way she was going to respond to all those emails much less read them so she simply chose a few everyday and tried to fill her schedule out depending on how many appointments she planned for a particular day.

I learned two things from what she told me. Sending an escort email is like applying for a hot job. You better put something in the subject line that will catch her attention and if you are lucky enough that she opens your email, you better get to your point right away or she won't be reading it for very long.

My second lesson was that if I send an email to an escort and I do not hear back, do not take it personally but to simply move on.

It also helps to plan well ahead. If you do not hear back from your preferred choice, you still have time to contact your second choice and so forth. If time is an issue, you are probably better of contacting a handful of escorts with a general availability inquiry before committing to one. Some escorts have a short fuse and will blacklist someone just for making an inquiry without committing to an appointment. If you contact a few providers at the same time, do not include too much identifying information within your initial email but wait for them to respond back.

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