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Email is to anonymous

Posted 5/31/2012 at 11:41:52 AM

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It is very easy for Le to hide behind an email.  Its also due to the fact that alot of guys send bs emails to ladies with no intent of booking.  They may be using a phone that isn't email friendly.  I have found only about 10-15% of providers seem to reply and at some point you still need to use a phone anyway.  There's no way a smart provider will meet a person shes only emailed with.  Try explaining in more detail what your reason are and maybe that will help.  There are some providers who use email first like sweat sarah.    


Posted By: Holden22
It's been a while since I've engaged with anyone in this area of pursuit but I'm surprised at the number of ladies who do not respond to emails in any way, shape or form.  If an ad or profile says "no email,"  that's fine and I won't send an email.  No texting and no blocked calls are obvious no-nos.  In this age of online commerce, advertising and social media, it seems strange that some people won't do emails.  For me, emails are a necessity most of the time because phoning is out of the question (late hours, work, etc.).  Just wondering if this is an issue for anyone else.

And no PM's please.  I'm kind of a hypocrite that way and only activate VIP membership periodically.


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