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LF Incall, Saturday 6/2

Posted 5/27/2012 at 4:24:01 AM

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Hi ladies:

Infrequent hobbiest here with some rare availability on Saturday, 6/2, in the 1pm range.  I'm on P411 and have references.  I also have a few reviews on here with a couple of wonderful providers.

Is there a type of provider that I'm looking for?  Yes, but it's hard to explain.  More than anything, I just need for you to catch my eye...no lie, I've had situations where I've been completely disinterested in seeing a provider until, by chance, I've seen a a pic that they've posted that has simply floored me.  Sometimes they've cracked a joke on here that made me think that they'd be a pleasure to get to know.  If I HAD to narrow it down, I'd say that my target for this experience is younger than 35 with a menu that accomodated what I've described in my reviews, but I'm honestly pretty open.  I just don't want to drive a particularly long distance, so I'd like to remove St. Paul out of the equation...unless you're quite extraordinary.

I don't currently have a VIP membership, so please just reply to the thread if you're free.  I'll check you out and email you if you catch my eye.

Thank you for your consideration.

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