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To discuss the veracity of a review is very appropriate

Posted 5/24/2012 at 4:38:16 AM

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More than just the OP found the review to be suspect. Who made you the board mod?


Posted By: ThreeCupsPlease
I think it's very amusing that you and the four people that agree with you want to rewrite a review done by a person who has submitted 33 reviews, since 2005.  More importantly, the person who submitted the review actually saw the provider.

You are suggesting that the management of this forum should substitute your judgment of the provider for the judgment of the person who actually saw the provider, and submitted a review.  This website is available around the world and its popularity is based upon the premise that the person who writes a review knows what he is talking about. The primary method for the reviewer to meet that standard is to have seen the provider and engaged in activities with the provider.

If you don't believe or agree with the submitted review, why not go see the provider and then write your own review? Then, if your experience differs from that of the posted reviewer, you are allowed to describe each your contrary experience for all to read.

As an alternative, you could start your own website. It could be called "The Erotic Second Hand Story."

How is it that the process in place, as I described it, just doesn't work for you?


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