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Posted 5/22/2012 at 5:00:00 PM

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It depends on the neighborhood...if its in a ghetto or an area notorious for crime I expect some guys may pass.  Otherwise its really the inside that's more important.  If its neat and clean it speaks volumes about the provider herself.  That being said, there has been a recent scenario with another upscale provider on the boards dealing with some unpleasant problems due to the wrong people knowing where her house and family lives.  I would be extremely cautious about who you invite in.  Good luck and stay safe.        


Posted By: TiffanyBerkshire
So I need opinions from gentleman hobbyists here. I recently started being able to host on a regular basis (5 days a week) but I'm still very selective as to who I see.

Does the look of the outside of the apartment building matter that much? I was rejected today because my home wasn't as 'upscale' as expected, based on what my website depicted. However, I have the place completely clean, and ready with beautiful wine glasses, paintings, candles, nice furniture, etc. I have a puppy... who is very well mannered.

I've never hosted in my own home before... do guys really expect penthouse style incall situations? Opinions?

Thanks so much!



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