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Damn right!

Posted 5/21/2012 at 11:39:11 AM

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Posted By: semi-hard
It was a lot more fun when we could all use our many aliases with impunity. All hell could break loose and you could get your digs in without your "real" alias being ashamed or humiliated.

We were able to create a certain persona with our regular user name which may have been respected on the boards and then use many different names to tell how we really felt.

Yeah! I wanna use an alias and call all the best and prettiest ladies disease ridden hags and no one would know it was me so then I could call them up and use my TER ID and my reviews and whitelists to make a date and they would agree because they wouldn't know it was the guy who called them disease ridden hags so they'd be nice to me and I could feel contempt for them because they're stoooopid enough to be nice to me after I called them names. Wow! Gosh! That would be SO MUCH FUN!

Or I dunno, maybe it's better if the things we say have consequences so we think at least once before we say them.

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